Knee Replacement Improvements

The expertise for knee replacements have improved leaps and bounds over the years.  What used to require a 4-5 day hospital stay is a thing of the past. Knee replacements can now be done on an out patient basis.  They have you up and walking within hours of your surgery.

The surgery centers we work with are able to do newer techniques which provide huge benefits.  There are virtually zero complications.  Getting you up and moving so quickly helps keep the circulation moving which creates less potential for a blood clot.
The facilities are spotless.  Their cleaning protocols have resulted in less than a 1% chance of getting a surgery related infection. The incisions are much smaller which also creates less chance for infection at the wound site.
Opioids used to be routinely given to patients dealing with knee pain.  They have gotten a lot stricter on who and how much they prescribe due to addiction concerns.  Any surgery is painful and you almost always need some sort of pain medication post op to handle the pain.  One of our facilities in particular has created a program that begins prior to surgery to reduce the need for opioids.   A high percentage of their patients do not even need opioids post op.  Avoiding opioids not only prevents an addiction, it also provides less chance for side effects such as dizziness, nausea or constipation.
Other countries such as India may be able to offer a lower cost for a knee replacement.  Buyer beware, you sometimes get what you pay for.  Not only is it a significant flight and travel time which can increase your chances of a blood clot and uncomfortableness in sitting still for hours, many of these facilities can not provide the same benefits that they can in the US and Canada.
If you are considering a private knee replacement, contact Health Vantis to find out your options. We have several reasonably priced facilities that can do a safe, affordable and state of the art surgery.
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