Do Hospitals Pay Medical Facilitators in the US and Canada? Truth or Deception?

Do Hospitals Pay Medical Facilitators in the US and Canada?

We have done related blogs on how a medical facilitator gets paid but would like to focus this blog specifically on ‘the hospital paying the medical facilitator’ business model.

For starters, Health Vantis does not utilize this type of business model.  We operate on a transparent basis.  We have never, and will never, request any kind of compensation from a hospital or facility for bringing them a patient.  Not only is it illegal in Canada and the US under federal anti-kickback statutes, it is unethical and not in the patients best interest.  We refer people to the facility we feel best meets their needs and not for financial gain from them.  If the patient wishes to hire Health Vantis, they pay us for our services and pay the hospital/facility directly for their services.

Truth or Deception?

You might be surprised to know that there are some medical facilitation companies, and actual private facilities within Canada, that allow for such an arrangement in a round about way.  The stance is that it costs you nothing to hire the medical facilitator.  The hospital/facility pays them.  If that were the case, then that facility would be shut down.  What is happening is you are being charged a price to have your surgery and/or procedure, but the facilitators fee is built into that.  It is an arrangement the facility has with the facilitator.  The hospital in return gives the facilitator their fee.  This is all done without the patients knowledge, which is shady and unethical at best.  Technically, the facility is not ‘paying’ the medical facilitator for brining them a patient, but only acting as middle man.  The problem with this is that the patient doesn’t realize they might be paying an inflated cost of more than 15-25% higher than the actual cost of the surgery.

The Federal Anti-Kickback Statute is an intent-based statute. To learn more about it, Read more about it here.


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