GYN Surgery Wait Times in Canada, 2020

Our last blog in January will look at Fraser Institute report on medical wait times across 12 specialities in Canada, specifically focused on GYN surgery. In our prior blogs, we looked at Orthopedics and Neurosurgery.

Across Canada, the total wait time for GYN surgery in 2020 was 23.9 weeks. This is an increase of 4.5 weeks, compared to 2019 when the wait was 19.4 weeks. Chart 1 shows GYN surgery wait times 10 years back and also includes 1993 when it was 8.8 weeks.

The report further breaks down wait times into two different segments. Segment 1 is the wait time from referral by a general practitioner to consultation with a specialist. Segment 2 is the wait time from the consultation with a specialist to point at which a patient receives treatment.

The wait time from GP to a specialist was 12.5 weeks, 2.1 weeks longer than in 2019 when it was 10.4 weeks. The wait time from specialist to treatment was 11.4 weeks, up from 9 weeks in 2019. Although GYN surgeries do not take as long as Neurosurgery or Orthopedics, waiting almost 5 months is quite a long time.

As far as which province fares the best, the report states it is SK, where the median patient wait to see a specialist after referral from GP is only 2.5 weeks, and median wait to get treatment after the appointment with a specialist is 7.4 weeks. In other words, the median time to get a GYN surgery in Saskatchewan is 9.9 weeks. Manitoba is in the second-fastest, with a total median wait time of 14.9 weeks.

The longest wait time was in NB – a total of 54.4 weeks from referral by GP to surgery. Please refer to Chart 2 for the rest of the Canadian provinces numbers.

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Chart 1

Chart 2

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