Tips for Holiday Parties During COVID

Tips for Holiday Parties During COVID Times

The holidays this year are going to be different, but they don’t have to be cancelled and can still be special as long as appropriate measures are taken.  Most people have the current guidelines down on wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart, however, here are some additional tips to help keep your guests safe and prevent the spread of COVID this year.  (*Note – Always adhere to your provinces’ current guidelines and allowances on groups and gatherings) :


  • Clorox or sanitize all surfaces prior to guests arriving, especially ones that will be high touch areas.
  • If you are the host, provide hand sanitizer easily accessible upon entry to your home and near the food table.
  • Try to avoid ‘pot lucks’ where everyone brings something for all to share.
  • Offer to provide all of the food and take extra precautions when preparing it to avoid contamination. Or, request that your guests bring their own food and drinks to partake in.  
  • The kitchen is the place to be at a party.  While this is the most common place people love to gather nowadays, encourage a new location for socializing away from the food and drinks.
  • Prior to partaking in the holiday food, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before you take or eat any of the food.
  • Provide and encourage single use utensils for the guests to fill their plates with as opposed to a serving utensil that all people will be using.  Or, designate one person to serve all portions of food.
  • Provide a touchless garbage can if available.  
  • Provide clorox wipes in the guest bathroom to encourage guests to wipe high touch areas after their use.  Take the community towel out of the bathroom and provide single use towels for guests to dry their hands on after washing.
  • Provide glass ware that can be written on and have the guest put their name on it so drinks are not confused if they get set down.  
  • Provide a spot in a less crowded area for your elderly guests to mingle and a comfortable seat that allows for social distancing.

Most of all, focus on the joy of being with your loved ones.   It has been a long year and we want to go into 2021 on a healthy note.  Being mindful of others and taking the guidelines seriously will help with that!

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