Flu Shot 2020

With flu season approaching us, now it is more important than ever to consider getting a flu vaccine. With COVID-19 resurgence in Canada in the fall, both flu and COVID-19 will be circulating around in winter.

Some people choose not to get the flu vaccine because they think it doesn’t offer much, as each year the virus differs and the vaccine is just an educated guess of what happened during the flu season the year before. Even though it is not perfect, it does offer protection for those viruses included in the vaccine. And if you do happen to get sick with the flu, your symptoms can be milder if you got the vaccination.

You are also protecting your family members and our vulnerable population. People over 65 and those who have special medical conditions make them more susceptible to viruses. Flu vaccination is our best shot at protecting the herd.

Flu and COVID-19 symptoms are very similar. By preventing the flu, you also prevent additional testing and possibly hospitalizations. It means that our healthcare will have less of a burden to carry during the winter flu season and will be able to focus on COVID-19, as there is no vaccine yet.

Do your part and get a flu vaccine, this year and going forward.

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