Travel Insurance and Medical Complication Insurance – Which One Will You Need?

Many countries opened their borders to Canadian travellers mid to end of summer 2020. And even though the US-Canadian border still stays closed to all non-essential travel, travelling for medical reasons is considered essential by the US government. Many Canadians are at least starting to think about travelling. Getting proper insurance for your trip is very important, especially during the pandemic.

If you are travelling for pleasure, then you probably want to have COVID-19 covered in your out of the country insurance. We read here that it is now possible for Canadians. Asking specific questions about coverage is more important than ever.

If you are seeking medical care in the US and would like to make sure that you are covered by insurance, then you will need entirely different travel insurance. It is called medical complication insurance and it will cover you in case something does happen during or after your medical procedure. We offer an application to it on our website. If you are curious what coverage may cost, you fill out the form and the answer will be given shortly. Please note that Health Vantis does not get any commission from the insurance company.

Travelling during COVID-19 will be tricky and your personal health and risk tolerance will matter in making your decisions. If you need help determining whether or not you are suited for medical travel, give us a call toll-free 1877 344 3544.

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