EMG In Canada

Speed up your search and purchase a list of medical facilities for PRIVATE EMG in Canada/USA HERE

EMG’s (Electomyography) is a diagnostic test utilized to assess the condition of the muscles and nerve cells that control them.  Many things can be ruled out or diagnosed with this test such as carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle dystrophy or Lou Gehrig disease.

The wait times vary province to province.  Based on conversations with customers, some provinces such as Nova Scotia, can have wait times up to 2 years.  In other provinces like Alberta, the wait could be 2-6 months.  The downside is that there are not any clinics that can do EMG’s on a private basis if you wish to have this done in Canada.  

If you are willing to travel to the US, there are affordable options right across the border, although, you must be fully vaccinated to cross over at the present time.  The concern for COVID-19 is obviously in the back of everyones minds but you can rest assured, these facilities have multiple safety measures in place to protect you to the fullest extent.  

If you would like a list of where you can get the EMG across the border, click here to purchase!

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