Cancer Treatment in the US

Cancer diagnosis could be devastating on an individual and the family. When we talk to cancer clients it is usually because they want a second opinion or are unwilling to wait for a diagnostics or treatment.

We have access to one of the best cancer treatment centres in the US. Their locations are in all major parts of the country. They utilize an integrative approach to cancer. Such care not only addresses cancer with conventional treatment but offers support for the mind and body through dietary plans and spiritual therapies.

Cost considerations are always a concern for us and our clients. There is a set fee to get a diagnosis. It includes all the tests and evaluations. Once complete, the patient will have a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Then the plan can be taken to Canada possibly speeding up access to treatment.

Alternatively, the treatment can be done at the same facility. The cost will vary, however, Health Vantis is able to offer a discount for treatments to all of our clients. If you would like to find out more about cancer treatment and diagnosis in the US, please reach out at toll-free 1 877 344 3544.

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