Newsletter July 2020

As medical wait times in Canada increase, more people are looking into their private options. Canada offers some private surgeries and diagnostic procedures. However, many more are available just across the border in the US.

With the current situation of rising COVID cases in parts of the US, there is understandable hesitation or outright refusal to travel across the southern border. So many things have to be considered while travelling today that many prefer to wait. Safety is of the most importance.

US considers medical travel essential. With all the necessary documentation from a medical facility, a Canadian should not experience any issues entering the US. Self-isolation requirements are not existing in the US, so hypothetically speaking, one can arrive, check into a hotel and have surgery or procedure the next day.

The real picture is a bit more complicated. Some hospitals and facilities are not open to international clients due to COVID restrictions put in place by their state. Some states are getting overwhelmed with COVID patients and are postponing their elective surgeries even to the residents of their state. And some are open and put numerous precautions in place to minimize the risk of COVID infection.

Most doctors’ offices and medical facilities cut their patient load by half so that there is no crossing in the waiting room. Oftentimes, there is no one else in the waiting room. All physicians and nurses use PPE to protect both patients and medical personnel. In most places, all patients are tested for COVID a couple of days before the procedure and are asked to quarantine during that time.

After surgery, patients are asked to wear a mask in the recovery room. Most post-op check-ups can be done virtually by video chat. While in recovery in the hotel, patients are also asked to self isolate so that the potential for contracting COVID is reduced.

We continue to monitor the developments in the US and will inform our clients of any positive changes so that they can make the best decision regarding their private surgery. If you would like to talk about your private surgery options or diagnostics in the US, we are here toll-free 1 877 344 3544.





During the uncertain times of COVID-19 pandemic, we want to avoid travelling if we can. Elective surgery, diagnostic treatment such as EGM or MRI, and non-urgent cancer treatments have all been postponed back in March. Canadians have done a good job following the Public Health guidelines and the number of new deaths and cases is going down in all provinces. In May and June, as restrictions are being gradually lifted, those Canadians that experienced medical delays are eager to get timely access to their medical treatment.

We are getting quite a few inquiries about private medical care. The request is to stay as close to home as possible, and definitely stay in Canada. While some provinces have an easy drive into the US, with many private options available we are yet to help a client who will take this option up.

Most asked questions for us right now is – can I have a private option here, in my home town or at least province? Most private medical facilities are located in BC and QC. There are a few in between, such as ON, but ON private surgeries covered by OHIP are not available to ON residents. If you are able and willing to take the risk of leaving your home province, then there are facilities that are starting to see private clients in Canada.

We would be happy to help set up a remote specialist consultation or remote second opinion for you. We charge a small administrative fee for it and collect and transfer your medical records in a secure way. If you would like to find out more information about private medical care available to you, please give us a call toll-free 877 344 3544.


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