Precautions Surgical Centers Are Making During COVID-19

Precautions Surgical Centers Are Making During COVID-19

The operations at non-urgent surgical centers across Canada and the US all came to a halt for surgeries deemed elective back in March and early April.  Most of them are slowly resuming surgeries, and they are taking even further measures to reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19.

Outpatient surgical centers in Canada and the US have always had very strict guidelines on how to keep their patients safe.  Infection rate is something that is actually tracked so the cleanliness of these facilities has always been a priority.  To further enhance this protocol, areas outside the operating room, such as countertops, faucets and sinks, and/or waiting areas, are now being cleaned at least twice a day.

To further prevent exposure, most facilities have required a mandatory COVID-19 test prior to surgery, unless it is something emergent and there is no time to check for this.  A health screening questionnaire is required 1 day prior to surgery and most are repeating it on the day of surgery.  If you fail the questionnaire, then the surgery will be rescheduled.  

Many facilities ask that you wait in your car and call you when they are ready for you to enter.  Drivers and visitors are prevented or limited in staying at the facility in the waiting room.  An exception might be if the surgery is for a child, however, the parent would be subject to the same protocols and health screening questionnaires as the patient.  The nurse or surgeon contact your companion after the surgery is done to let them know how the surgery went and will give them another call once the patient is ready to be discharged. 

Increased safety measures for the staff have also been implemented.  Many facilities are requiring temperature checks of all employees prior to working their shift.  All staff, including administration, are to wear face coverings and make sure any persons in the building are maintaining social distance.  

Each facility will vary on what protocols they are taking as some states and provinces have specific guidelines that must be followed.  If you are scheduling a private surgery through Health Vantis, we can provide the details on what that facility is doing to further keep you safe.  

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