Precautions Airlines Will Be Taking Amid COVID-19

Precautions Airlines Will Be Taking Amid COVID-19

The airline industry came to an abrupt halt back in March due to the pandemic.  As things slowly open back up, many people are still leery about flying as they do not want to expose themselves to the COVID-19 virus.  The airlines recognize this and have all started to implement more safety measures to reduce the chances of passing or acquiring the virus.

Many airlines have announced they will continue to block middle seats in rows where people are not traveling together.  On smaller planes they will block the isle seats.  Even with blocked seats, it is still difficult to remain 6 feet away from others.  Airlines, such as Jet Blue, are also requiring passengers ages 2 and older to wear face masks or scarves during the flight.

United Airlines announced a recent partnership with Clorox Co to enhance their cleaning processes.  They have also consulted with the Cleveland Clinic as to how best keep their passengers safe during their flight while the pandemic continues and are following their direction.

Before the flight, some airlines will provide you with a wrapped sanitizer wipe for you to clean your hands prior to boarding.  Air Canada announced they would be taking temperatures. The snack bags will also come with a sanitizing wipe and some airlines have discontinued beverage services on shorter flights.  Jet Blue will have your snack and a bottled water already in your seat on flights 90 minutes or longer.

Most check in counters now have sneeze guards, ie. plexiglass, between you and the airline clerk as well as touchless kiosks in select locations for baggage check in.  All crew and other employees are required to wear face coverings.  

The airline industry is such a vital part of most peoples lives and it appears they are doing what they can to make safety a top priority.  While the measures will not be 100% fool proof, it will certainly reduce your chances of contracting the virus while you fly.  

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