Microport for Hip Replacements

Hip replacement surgeries are very common.  Many people experience numbness and weakness after the surgery.  New technology may be able to eliminate this with a new technique called Microport.  

Doing an anterior approach has become a popular way to do hip replacement surgery.  The anterior approach was designed to preserve the muscles that prevent dislocation of the hip post surgery. During surgery, an incision is made over the cup and the hip is typically dislocated. This allows for the ball to be cut off easily before putting the implant in. Although, by doing the incision over the cup, it makes it harder to see the ball part of the hip.  

Dr. Matt Seidel has come up with a way to avoid this.  He has developed a technique where a cannula, a thin tube, can be placed through an incision in the groin.  The advantage to moving the incision allows the surgeon to clean out the cup without having to put an incision right over it. This approach avoids dislocation of the hip during surgery by cutting the ball off first and then removing it from the socket.  

Microport also provides a lower risk of cutting sensory nerves, which would cause numbness.  It moves the procedure away from the femoral nerves that lower the chances of weakness even further.  Doing a more natural incision allows for fewer wound complications and reduces pain levels by quicker healing.  

If you are interested in this technique, contact Health Vantis and we can connect you to a surgeon trained to do this technique at 877-344-3544.

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