New Digital Device for Knee Replacement Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy after a knee replacement is absolutely essential for a successful rehabilitation.  A new digital support device is currently being developed to assist in this.  It is a mobile app  that will make information about the knee available to the physiotherapist.  It will allow them to closely monitor the progress and amend the rehabilitation plan accordingly.  

The technology is designed for the patient to wear the device on their ankle after surgery.  It links to their smart phone to analyze the range of knee movement progression and any pain associated with it.  The information is sent to the physiotherapist to give them a clear picture of the patients’ progress and any issues they may be having.  Patients are also able to bring any concerns to their physiotherapist via the app from the comfort of their own home.  

Trials are currently being done and the hope is to streamline the recovery process so be looking for more information in the coming months!


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