Dreal- New Spinal Technique

A new technique called Dreal was developed for posterior unilateral thoracic discectomy.  Dreal is a curved high speed drill that assists in thoracic discectomies.  It removes disc material that can normally be difficult to access, quickly and thoroughly, providing a large clean bony surface for the discectomy.  This reduces removing too much bone and results in a better outcome.

This procedure also allows for the removal of calcified and soft disc fragments without manual maneuvers.  In traditional surgeries, this would require forceful maneuvers done manually by the surgeon, which could manipulate the spinal cord.   By eliminating that, it improves patient outcomes, reduces complication rates and allows for safer treatment of thoracic disc herniations. The design also allows easier, safer access for the surgeon to reduce the chance of trauma, resulting in a better outcome for the patient.  By being able to quickly and precisely remove the bone, operating time is reduced.  This in return reduces complications and/or infection.  

While this is still a fairly new technique and not available in Canada yet, it is available in the US. Contact us for details to find out if you are a candidate for this kind of procedure at 877-344-3544.


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