Can Working Out in the Morning Offer Better Weight Loss Success

Can Working Out in the Morning Offer Better Weight Loss Success?

Working out in general is always going to be beneficial to your health.  But does it really matter when you work out as long as you do it?  A recent study suggests it’s possible that more weight can be lost if your work out is done in the morning.  

The International Journal of Obesity did a study in July of this year.  Subjects were allowed to visit the gym between 7a and 7p each day.  The people who worked out before noon had, on average, lost more weight than the men and women that routinely exercised after 3p.  Why is that?

It was noted that the early exercisers took more steps in total.  They were more active throughout the day than those who waited to exercise in the pm.  The amount of food eaten was on average less too.  Overall, the differences were small, however, they felt that cumulatively, it may have made a difference in how many pounds people lost.

Previous studies also suggest working out in the morning will kickstart your metabolism.  This aids in burning more calories throughout the day versus at night.  Doing your workout prior to eating your breakfast or while fasting will burn the fat stores instead of the carbohydrates you’ve consumed through food. 

While the claims are small, there is no doubt that exercise greatly aids in weight loss when done consistently with a proper diet.

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