Private Stapedectomy/Stapedotomy

Hearing loss affects 40% of Canadian adults aged 20 to 79, and 8% of children aged 6 to 19. There are a few reasons this can occur. One of them is otosclerosis. The condition is diagnosed by an otolaryngologist using hearing tests and physical examination.

In many cases, surgery is an option for the treatment of otosclerosis. The name of the surgery performed is stapedectomy or stapedotomy. Currently, stapedotomy is the treatment of choice for otosclerosis with stapes fixation. It is both simpler and safer than stapedectomy.

Health Vantis works with facilities that can do this surgery in a private manner. The wait list to see a surgeon in Canada for this procedure can take up to a year. If you or your loved one are losing hearing and need to access medical treatment faster than the current system allows, give us a call. Toll -free 1 877 344 3544.

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  1. Gandhi
    Gandhi says:

    It is beneficial to consult a concerned E.N.T doctor without delaying whoever is having ear problems. The otolaryngologist can diagnose the condition using these hearing tests and physical examinations with new technology. Currently, stapedotomy is the treatment of otosclerosis with stapes fixation. It is simpler and safer than a stapedectomy.


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