Where Can I Have A Back Fusion Done Privately?

Back pain is one of the toughest ailments to treat.  Many times after all non-invasive avenues have been exhausted to maintain pain control, it results in a need for surgery, such as a back fusion.  Back fusion has one of the lengthier wait times.  For those who cannot wait, unfortunately, there are not facilities in Canada to have a back fusion done privately.  This would need to be done outside our borders.

The US has private back fusion options and they do not have to break the bank as ‘Dr. Google’ would suggest.  You will get astronomical numbers in the six digit range if you ask google this question and it simply is not true.  At least, not if you are a cash paying customer.  The prices you find will most likely be insurance quoted pricing.  *The fully accredited, fully vetted facilities we work with can do 1-level anterior cervical fusions for under $25K and 2-level for just a little over that.  A 1-level lumbar fusion will run you under $40K with a 2-level closer to $45K. These can be done minimally invasive, which has less down time, less chance for infection and a quicker recovery.

If you are considering a cervical or lumbar back fusion done privately, contact Health Vantis.  We can find you the most appropriate surgeon and location for this.

* Pricing is always subject to change and based on straight forward cases, for otherwise healthy individuals. 

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