Are There Private Facilities That Do GYN Surgery?

There are a handful of surgery centers in Canada that can do private surgeries should you wish to pay out of pocket.  Most of them are doing orthopedic surgery or minor surgery such as hernia repair. But what about GYN private surgery?  The short answer to this is probably not.  There really are not any private facilities that do GYN surgery within Canada, at least not for the more common surgeries such as a hysterectomy.  

Many GYN surgeries are non-urgent in Canada.  Although it might be considered a non-urgent surgery, it can really affect a woman’s hormones on a day to day basis causing moodiness or depression.  Some women experience heavy bleeding and anemia as a result or painful cramps along with that.

If you are on the wait list and do not want to wait, consider calling Health Vantis to connect you to private facilities that do GYN surgery.  There are newer, less invasive alternatives now to treat GYN disorders.  The private facilities we work with can offer robotic assisted surgery or a cervical ablation in place of a hysterectomy.

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