Private Neurosurgeon Clinics in Canada?

We get a lot of calls from people who feel frustrated because they are unable to deal with their back pain any longer.  They’ve had their MRI or X-Rays and know they need to see a neurosurgeon, however, their wait time to see one is months away. Some people are told that they will need surgery, however, the first step is to see a specialist and that is a long wait. Then there is more waiting for the surgery itself.  Great News! Health Vantis has access to private Neurosurgeon clinics and consultations sooner.  

Most provinces are not going to have a Neurosurgeon that can see you on a private basis. This can be tricky and creates a challenge in locating someone.  Most likely, travel and of course cost would be incurred.  For some, it would be worth every penny.  You have to weigh the benefits vs costs on how long your wait is, how much pain you are in and how it is affecting your daily life.  If you are considering locating a private neurosurgeon clinic, contact Health Vantis and we would be happy to help.

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