Private Colonoscopy in Canada

Private Colonoscopy

Routine colonoscopies are recommended at age 50.  Usually these are not as pressing if you are considered to have low risk factors for colon cancer.  The occurrence of colon cancer in younger individuals has risen significantly the past few decades so people are getting colonoscopies younger than 50.  While there are many reasons for a colonoscopy outside of colon cancer, if one is recommended, it does become important to have it in a timely manner.  The wait list for colonoscopy is high in most Provinces across Canada.  Considering a private colonoscopy in Canada can be an option.

Private colonoscopies can be done for as low as $900.  If polyps or other tissues need to be removed, additional fees of $250 are charged.  Getting this done in a timely manner can provide assurance for concerns and get treatment sooner for the symptoms you have.  Contact Health Vantis if you’d like to have a private colonoscopy arranged!


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