Can A Private Biopsy in Canada Be Beneficial?

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Are There Private Options for MRI or CT Scan in Canada?

MRI and CT Scan’s are very common types of diagnostic tests that can aide in the diagnosis of several medical conditions.  They are also included in the list for long wait times to actually get one done.  This not only prolongs your diagnosis, it can also prolong your treatment. Exactly what are your options should you decide you cannot wait for your MRI or CT Scan?  The answer is simple.  You have to pay out of pocket to fast track them at a private clinic. 

Where To Find A Private Clinic?

Finding a private clinic can be tricky throughout Canada.  Not all provinces allow private clinics to exist.  Ontario flat out bans it.  While it is not banned in Manitoba, PEI and Newfoundland, there are currently no private clinics available in any of those provinces.  As of now, the only provinces that offer a private clinic are B.C., Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

What Are Your Options?

Your only option if you want to have a private MRI or CT Scan and it is not available within your province is to travel.  In the past, people would travel to their neighboring province to obtain one or go right across the border.  In today’s climate of COVID-19, this has made things more complicated.  You would need to comply with any current rules that the state or province you are traveling to has set as well as your provinces rules when you return.  This might not always be an option if both places require a 14 day quarantine.

What Do I Need?

All facilities are going to need a referral from your treating physician. 

What Does It Cost?

The cost varies depending on what type of MRI or CT Scan you need.  Ones that require contrast tend to run higher.  To get an accurate price, the facility would need to see the referral form to know what area is being scanned and whether or not contrast is needed.

Is It Worth Getting Done Privately?

Only you can know that answer.  Some people are comfortable waiting 3-12 months to get a diagnosis while others cannot wait.  The benefit to getting it done privately allows you to have answers in approximately 1-2 weeks.  It also gets you fast tracked into the specialist.  You cannot get in the queue for the specialist until after your scans have been completed.  If you get it privately, you save time by eliminating the wait list to have it completed.

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Can A Private Biopsy in Canada Be Beneficial?

A biopsy is an examination of tissue that has been removed or extracted from the body.  This is done for the purpose of determining the presence, cause or extent of a certain disease.  A doctor will recommend a biopsy when an initial imaging test or physical examination suggests an area of tissue that isn’t normal.  As with most medical procedures in Canada, there can be a wait for a biopsy.  To avoid the wait, an option would be to have a private biopsy in Canada or the US done.

Most times when a biopsy is ordered, they are looking for cancer, but there can be other reasons.  This is often a very stressful and worrisome time for the person that needs to have one.  If you have to wait a month to have this done, the waiting time in-between can be unbearable.  Fortunately, this can be solved by opting to have a private biopsy.  This will not only shorten the anxiety period but can also get you into a specialist much sooner should there be a need to see one.  

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