Private MRI and Private CT Scan

Speed up your search and purchase a list of medical facilities for PRIVATE MRI or CT Scan in Canada/USA HERE

Private MRI and Private CT Scan Clinics in Canada

Private MRI and private CT Scan clinics in Canada have long been a source for debate.  It is a concept many Canadians are opposed to because the provincial health plans cover the cost should you need one.  The downside to this is the unbelievably long wait list to get one.

What is an acceptable amount of time to wait to have a MRI?  That is all relative to your situation.  If your wait time is causing you intolerable pain, stressors over a potential diagnosis, time off work or your aliment is keeping you from day to day living, considering a private MRI or private CT Scan is a viable option and most likely a good investment.  You will have answers quicker and speed up your wait time in getting to a specialist should your results require one.

To locate a private facility near you that offers MRI/CT Scan, click here to purchase the list!

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