5 Cool Apps Every Snowbird Should Use

5 Cool Apps That Every Snowbird Should Use

Summer has wound down and fall is here, which means the snowbirds are preparing to head south for the winter.  There are so many handy tools out there for them to utilize, however, we found some cool apps that every snowbird should use!

Canadian Snowbirds US Stay Counter 

Canadian Snowbirds US Stay Counter helps track the number of days you are staying in the US.  This is important to avoid tax consequences.  It also offers other services such as US currency, US real estate, Snowbird FM, Tax & Legal Services, & Check your I-94.  The app was designed by Canadian Gerry Scott, who is an experienced wealth management financial planner and avid snowbird himself.  Knowing the tax laws are incredibly important if you live in 2 different countries.  Try it out to help you track your days.  

AARP Now Mobile App 

AARP Now Mobile App keeps you connected with daily news stories, offers the ability to explore events happening close by and provides member-only benefits and discounts.  Offers are added monthly and you can access them from wherever you are.  You can set up notification reminders for upcoming events or deals you’ve saved.  AARP also offers 2 other apps you should check out: AARP Publications Tablet App and AARP Member Advantages App.  

Libby by OverDrive

Libby by OverDrive is basically the local library right on your device.  If you are a member of a local library, you can check out books or audiobooks digitally for FREE from the touch of your fingers.  No driving to the library or worrying about getting back to return the items.  Books automatically go back to the queue after the set time, however, you have the ability to renew it, as long as it’s prior to the due date.  For popular books, you can put your name on a waiting list and it will send a notification to your email when it’s available.  It’s very user-friendly and there are literally 1000’s of books to choose from.  


Waze is a really cool app that assists in your commute or drive.  It connects other drivers to one another to help improve the quality of everyone’s daily driving while giving driving directions. Waze gives you the best route to drive and if there is a lot of traffic, construction, accident or other traffic hazards, it will offer alternate routes so you don’t get stuck in the traffic.  It clues you into when there are police officers in the area, stalled cars and even which gas station has the cheapest gas. 

Simply Declare

Simply Declare manages your travel receipts and gives you an itemized list with the information you need to fill out your declarations forms upon returning home.  It lets you know in real time currency if you have reached or exceeded your limits.  Simply Declare allows you to take pictures of your receipts so they are all stored in one spot.  It has a notepad, quick currency converter and the ability to itemize lists the way you want.  

No matter where you travel this winter, have a safe, relaxing holiday!

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