Who Is To Blame For The Opioid Crisis In Canada?

 The opioid crisis is real and rampant throughout Canada.  With an increase in overdose, how can it not be?  But who is to blame for the opioid crisis?

Opioid addictions are no longer present in just your stereo typical drug abuser on the streets.  It has made it’s way into our homes and no longer discriminates.  Our parents who are prescribed it after surgery, our children taking unused pills out of our medicine cabinets or even our grandparents that are in pain because of a chronic condition.  

Who’s To Blame for Opioid Crisis?

We discussed in our August newsletter that there are many theories such as blaming the drug companies for the marketing of opioids.  Fingers have been pointed in many places.  The truth of the matter is that Canada doesn’t have the proper, consistent tracking of opioid addiction and overdose nationally.  The data and statistics are fragmented and left up to each individual province.  

[ctt template=”5″ link=”Om7a_” via=”no” ]What we do know is that the rate of prescribing opioids increased by 203% in the years 2000-2010.[/ctt] What we do know is that the rate of prescribing opioids increased by 203% in the years 2000-2010.  This is a staggering number of how much is being distributed.

Could Long Medical Wait Lists Be A Factor?

To date, no one has suggested another possibility for the increase in opioid addiction could be from the sky high wait times.  At least not that we’ve come across.  Opioids are meant to be short-term solutions, not long term ones. Studies have shown an addiction can start within 5 continuous days of taking an opioid.  

If you need a knee replacement, the pain may be unbearable. The doctor might put you on an opioid to manage it.  What happens if you have to wait 9 months before you can have your surgery though?  Nine months is not short-term.  Most people are going to believe that if the doctor put them on a medication, then it is the best treatment.  You can still develop a dependence, even if the opioid was legitimately prescribed by the doctor in an appropriate manner.

If you find yourself in a position of requiring long-term solutions because you are on the wait list for your surgery, reach out to us for other options.  We can provide private health care solutions so you don’t have to endure months of pain or risk creating additional health concerns.

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