2017 Canadian Wait Lists: Broken Down By Specialty

2017 Canadian Wait Lists: Broken Down By Specialty:

Last week we discussed the new numbers for the 2017 Canadian wait lists.  This week we are going to break this down by speciality, how long it takes to see a specialist and point of treatment.  They are as follows:








The largest INCREASES and DECREASES from 2016 to 2017 are as follows:


Keep in mind, these are averages across Canada. Many provinces have much lower wait times, however, there are some that have even higher wait times.  Come back next week as we will break each down by province.

For more information or if you are someone on this list being affected by these wait times, please give Health Vantis a call to see how we can help assist!  info@healthvantis.com  or Toll-Free 877-344-3544

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