2017 Canadian Wait Lists and Wait Times

2017 Canadian Wait Lists and Wait Times

Waiting for medical treatment in Canada has been an issue in the health care system for many years.  The Fraser Institute has been studying and reporting the statistics for these wait times for over 2 decades.  This month we will be breaking these findings down in our weekly Wednesday blog.  The 2017 findings are out and are as follows presented by weeks:














  • The number of Canadians on a wait list went from 973,505 in 2016 to 1,040,791 for 2017.
  • Average Total wait from referral to specialist to point of treatment is now 21.2 weeks 2017 which is 128% higher than in 1993.

What does this translate to outside of the obvious?  With prolonged wait times for your health, it can also affect many other aspects in your life.  Lengthy waits have consequences such as increased pain that may be treated with narcotics.  These have the potential to develop addiction which is a whole other set of issues.  It may also cause mental anguish, lost wages from the inability to work, or poorer medical outcomes potentially transforming reversible illness or injuries in to chronic, irreversible conditions that may result in permanent disabilities.

While Health Vantis supports the health care system, we also support making your health a priority.  If the system has put you on a wait list, please contact us to see what we can do to help.  Something as simple as having a private diagnostic test can make things move much faster for you.  Call us toll-free at 877-344-3544 for a complimentary 1-hour consultation to discuss how.  You can also reach us at info@healthvantis.com or by visiting our website www.healthvantis.ca

Check back each Wednesday this month for a break down to the 2017 findings.  These are the next topics to look forward to:

Week 2:  Wait List Broken Down By Specialty

Week 3:  Wait List Broken Down By Province

Week 4:  Why Do Wait Lists Exist?

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