Why You Can Afford Surgery In The US

Health Vantis has many facilities in the US that we work with and send our clients to.  One of our biggest challenges is trying to educate people on the cost of health care in the US.  Yes, it is no doubt expensive, however, the media puts the worst of the worst out there.  You never hear them talk about the hundreds of facilities in the US that don’t charge prices the way the media portrays.  The US health care system is so complex and difficult to understand but the biggest take away is that not all facilities charge exorbitant prices.  We work with facilities that are capable of treating cash paying customers.  US facilities and many hospitals are physician run which means they operate them as a business.  They love cash paying customers.  They are additional income and do not require all of the accounting, billing and hours spent with the insurance companies.  Because of that, they can cut that cost out, which is on average a 1/3 of your cost.  Because they also get paid upfront and do not have to wait for payment from an insurance company, they are able to give additional savings.  For example, we have facilities that do total knee replacements for $15K-23K. (Please see our How It Works page for more examples) A way to decide if you can afford this is to think about the amount of time you are losing by not having proper mobility of your knee.  How much time did it take you to find out that you actually need a knee replacement?  Are you not working and how much of your wage is gone due to it?  Can you not participate in a sport or exercise to keep your body healthy because of it?  Quality of life can be just as priceless.  If you find yourself in a situation like this, give Health Vantis a call.  We offer a free 1 hour consultation and can provide you with affordable options.

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