1,082,541 Canadians just like you waited for medical procedures in 2018.

Access To Private Healthcare Without The Wait

Your average wait time from specialist to treatment in Canada is 19.7 weeks.


You’ve waited long enough. It’s time to feel better!

Take back your health with safe, reliable, and affordable private healthcare options.

For most Canadians, accessing medical services they need requires taking a number and waiting.  We help you navigate your options for alternative health care services that will impact your quality of life!

What is Medical Travel?

“Travel to a city or country outside of your own for medical treatment.”

Client Testimonials

‘After researching traveling on my own to another country for medical treatment, I realized it was a lot of work and unknowns. Health Vantis already had that done and were able to take additional stress away by handling all of the coordinating, accommodations and making sure nothing was forgotten. The pricing they could offer me at the US facility was less than the places I called in Costa Rica and Mexico and the facility was very clean, the staff were friendly and very accommodating and my surgery was a success.’

Marilisse B.

‘Considering Medical Travel as opposed to waiting 9 months was the best thing I did. The ease and cost of traveling to the US for my medical treatment was better than I expected. Health Vantis has an excellent relationship with the facility I was treated at and everything went as they said it would.’

Ann C.

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If you’d like to contact us directly we’d be more than happy to speak with you and provide detailed information on high quality health care from private doctors and facilities, medical procedures, and destinations. We want you to experience the most beneficial medical travel process specifically suited to your individual needs.

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