1,040,791 Canadians just like you waited for medical procedures in 2017.



Your average wait time from specialist to treatment in Canada is 21.2 weeks.



What does publicly-funded health care mean for the average Canadian?

In 2017 alone 1,040,791 Canadians were waiting for medical procedures or diagnoses. Waits for surgeries and medical treatment in 2015 cost Canadians $3.5 Billion in lost income and productivity. It took 38 weeks in the same year to receive orthopedic surgery after referral from a physician. These delays can cause mental anguish, increased pain, suffering, loss of income and in some cases irreversible long term effects.
(source of statistics  available upon request)

For most Canadians, accessing medical services they need requires taking a number and waiting.  We help you navigate your options for alternative health care services that will impact your quality of life!

What is Medical Tourism?

“Travel to a city or country outside of your own for medical treatment.”

Synonyms of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism, Health Tourism, Cross Border Healthcare and Medical Travel are all terms used to describe travel to a city or country outside of your own for medical treatment.


  • Economically Priced Services
  • Expert Second Opinions Available
  • Highly Trained Medical Specialists
  • More Treatment Option Choices
  • NO Lengthy Wait​lists
  • Private Healthcare Connections
  • Prompt Diagnostic Testing
  • Technologically Advanced Facilities


  • Affords You a Free 1 Hour Initial Consultation
  • Aides You in Choosing a Facility & Doctor
  • Aligns You With Leading Doctors
  • Arranges Hotel & Transportation (We are certified travel agents)
  • Coordinates Your Agenda & Travel (We are certified travel agents)
  • Experience in knowing the US Health care system
  • Ensures Passport Needs Are Met
  • Finds You Post-Procedural Care
  • Organizes Immunization if Required
  • Presents Affordable Financing Options
  • Scrutinizes Each Facility & Doctor
  • Secures Your Information to HIPAA Standards
  • Supplies a Nurse or Air Travel Escort if Needed (additional cost)

Why Health Vantis is Different

We are your expert healthcare service providers who find excellent private facilities and doctors in the United States and Canada. Our experience in working with the US health care and insurance industry for over 14 years gave us the insight knowledge on where to find these medical connections that have cost advantage as well as trusted, verifiable doctors.  By deliberately keeping our organization small and personable, Health Vantis provides exceptional quality of care, professionalism, and attention to all of your individual details.

If you have urgent medical needs which may require more timely action than our current medical system is capable of providing, visit our How It Works page and learn how to regain control over your medical future.

Why Medical Tourism Matters

The health care system issues are real.  All Canadians deserve more appropriate and punctual medical assessment and treatment. Health Vantis, your personal health care providers, give you the opportunity to realize those goals.

Recent studies have shown that 25% of discouraged Canadians are arranging procedures and treatments outside of their country to minimize the wait time necessary to maintain an acceptable level of health and well-being.

As Certified Medical Tourism Facilitators, our sole purpose is to help you find the most economical, comprehensive, and effective assessment, practitioner, and facility which are able to address your medical needs competently.

Client Testimonials

‘After researching traveling on my own to another country for medical treatment, I realized it was a lot of work and unknowns. Health Vantis already had that done and were able to take additional stress away by handling all of the coordinating, accommodations and making sure nothing was forgotten. The pricing they could offer me at the US facility was less than the places I called in Costa Rica and Mexico and the facility was very clean, the staff were friendly and very accommodating and my surgery was a success.’

Marilisse B.

‘Considering Medical Travel as opposed to waiting 9 months was the best thing I did. The ease and cost of traveling to the US for my medical treatment was better than I expected. Health Vantis has an excellent relationship with the facility I was treated at and everything went as they said it would.’

Ann C.

Hospitals, doctors, and insurers negotiate prices. Businesses then negotiate with insurers based on number of employees, past claim history, and how much the business is willing to pay. Prices vary from state to state and business to business.

Individuals pay based in part on the employer’s negotiated price. Hospitals, insurers, and businesses invoice participants and each other separately through multiple levels of price structures which differ widely. As a result, billing alone is almost 1/3 of the cost of US healthcare.

In America, Canadians pay considerably less than Americans. Canadians are invoiced directly for services. This eliminates billing costs associated with insurers, doctors, and businesses. Bundled discounts are also available. Pricing is therefore substantially less expensive for Medical Tourists.

How It Works


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