Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll probably have many questions about Medical Travel services. That’s a good thing!

Health Vantis wants you to completely understand what we offer, what we don’t offer, and at what point we refer your questions to the doctor or facility best suited to your circumstances.

If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for in the content below, contact Leanna or Christy directly by calling 1 877-344-3544 Toll-Free

How do you obtain my medical records, and are they forwarded confidentially?

Medical records can be obtained through your medical doctor per your request and released to us or sent directly to the facility you choose. If they are released to us, we utilize a storage solution that is secure to guarantee the confidentiality of your information. It is HIPAA compliant with US laws and regulations regarding privacy. At no time will we share your information with anyone else before we receive your written permission.

Do you charge a fee for your application process?

We always offer complimentary consultations. However, we do charge a non-refundable fee to process your application should you decide to start the initial process. This fee covers the cost of our time to do the research for you on which hospitals and doctors are going to be the most beneficial for your situation. If you decide to book your procedure or surgery through us, the process fee amount will be deducted from the fees we charge to commence with your arrangements.

How do you get paid?

Health Vantis is a fee-for-service business. Our fee is determined by how much work is necessary to prepare for your medical travel journey. Keep in mind that while the expense of your surgery may vary depending on the doctor and institution involved our cost to handle your case is not directly related to those fees. We only charge for the work we have completed such as arranging your meeting, consultation, or surgical procedure. You pay the hospital directly for your procedure, so there are never any hidden costs on our behalf.

What if I can’t afford the consultation or surgery?

Many people are in this situation. We have established a good working relationship with a company that specializes in financing medical tourism clients. Their rates are very competitive, and the interest rate varies based on your credit score, much like it would with any other type of loan.

Please view our Resources page for more information.

Who do I communicate with during the medical travel process?

Health Vantis! We personally handle all aspects of your journey and do not outsource anything. When you have questions or concerns, you call us, and we help you.

Who do I speak with about medically-related questions?

We put you in touch with the doctor or nurse who is treating you to address any concerns you might have.

Can I talk to the doctor or surgeon prior to the procedure?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage that you speak with the medical professional, and we make the arrangements for you. We can also make the arrangements for a doctor of your choice where you live to speak with the doctor or surgeon in the US who will be taking your case.

NOTE: We will NOT make such arrangements without your consent.

Where do you send your clients?

We currently send clients to US facilities and hospitals.

Why do you not offer practitioners and facilities from other countries?

Many companies offer more exotic locations at which you may undergo your surgery, but there are two very good reasons why we choose not to include those locations at this time.

  1. We feel confident about the geographic locations and medical facilities we’ve chosen. We have both lived in the US and Canada, and understand both health care systems very well.
  2. The flight time involved in traveling to other countries is a concern. There is risk involved anytime you have a medical procedure done, but your risk of developing a blood clot (deep vein thrombosis) increases once you experience air travel during which you are seated for longer than 4 hours. To eliminate this issue, we try our best to use facilities located within a 4-hour-window and prevent putting you at further risk for complication due to excessive air travel.

Have you been to the facilities and hospitals you offer?

Yes, every single one. We would not send you somewhere if we have not personally visited the facility, done an onsite inspection, and spoken with the doctors and administrative staff with which you will be dealing. We feel that doing any less would be irresponsible.

Can’t I just contact the hospital directly to schedule surgery myself?

Yes, you can. But it’s a lot more detailed and challenging than you might imagine. There are important aspects that need to be considered when traveling abroad for medical care. Our service handles all of those details for you (as outlined on our How it Works page) to eliminate your stress and ensure nothing has been overlooked.

Because we have visited all of the facilities we have available to you, we understand their processes. Our working relationships with these facilities enable them to offer you better pricing for procedures or consultations through us than if you were to contact them on your own.

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