How It Works

Health Vantis facilitates access to treatments and procedures that have long waiting lists or are not available in Canada such as the following:

Our Story

Our story is simple. We are two women that want you to have more expedient options for your medical care.

We met over coffee and ended up sharing our mutual difficulties obtaining necessary medical tests and services in Canada. The same conversations would occur over and over each time we met. We were both frustrated with the Canadian healthcare system, and we both knew better care was available just across the border.

Our Decision

Each of us had experienced more timely and proficient health care when we lived in the US. There was no reason for Canadians to wait for routine and widely used services. We knew that more effective treatment was obtainable. We decided we could offer a choice to Canadian people going through similarly frustrating circumstances. After extensive investigation, research, and our completion of medical travel certification in the US, Health Vantis was formed.

How We Are Different

Health Vantis provides personal, one on one service that is based solely on your needs. We do not expect you to undertake any Medical Travel excursion on your own. We will handle all your records in the most personal and confidential way possible and utilize the highest security compliance – HIPAA (USA). When you choose Health Vantis, there will always be a person to talk to, not computer generated content which is unclear or vague. We do not contract out our services, and our customers deal with us directly.

Leanna Christie

Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP)

Christy Evon

Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP)

For more information on Health Vantis please give us a call Toll Free at 1 877 344 3544 or email us directly at